Firefighters using propane prop at training facility

Facility Rentals

The ACFR training facility is fully equipped for all of your training needs. We provide other fire departments the opportunity to rent out these facilites for full or half-day sessions. See below for pricing details.

  • Burn Building

    This facility includes a cascade system, a smoke machine, a building maze and burn material. By renting the facility you will also receive one ACFR NFPA 1403 instructor.

    • 8 hours – $700
    • Tower only, 1 day – $350
    • Tower only, ½ day, – $200

  • Classrooms

    Training Center (2 classrooms, seats 30 total)
    Station 12 (1 classroom, seats 50 total)

    • Both classrooms at the TC, 1 day – $200
    • Both classroom at the TC, ½ day, – $125
    • One classroom, 1 day – $100
    • One classroom, ½ day, – $60​

  • Pump Pit

    $150 per apparatus. We will also provide all hoses necessary for pump training/certification. Includes an ACFR NFPA 1403 instructor.

  • Apparatus Certification/Pump Operator Training

    $400 per day. We will also provide all hoses necessary for pump training/certification. Includes an ACFR NFPA 1403 instructor.

  • LPG Fire Training

    ACFR will provide LPG props. Props available are LPG tank and foam tank. Cost includes an ACFR NFPA 1403 instructor.

    $400 per day + cost of propane​.

  • Extrication Pad/Area

    Renter must provide the vehicle(s). Cost includes an ACFR Instructor. $400 per day.

  • Full Access

    $1,000 per day. Cost includes two ACFR instructors.

Facilities Rental Request

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