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Welcome to Adams County Fire Rescue. We are a progressive, well prepared emergency response organization that enhances our community by providing compassionate, professional, high quality fire, rescue, EMS, and prevention services.

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We use the acronym WE ARE ACFR to list our organizational values, which are: Wellness, Empowerment, Accountability, Respect, Excellence, Attitude, Communication, Family and Recognition. To learn more about our values, click here.

Adams County Fire Rescue and North Metro Fire End Evaluation Process of Potential Merger

After months of discussion and analysis, the boards of directors for Adams County Fire Protection District and North Metro Fire Rescue District have decided to end the evaluation process and forego a merger of the two fire districts. Together, Board Presidents Ken Lombardi (Adams County Fire Rescue) and Richard Miller (North Metro Fire) released the following statement on behalf of both districts:

“Members of Adams County Fire Rescue and North Metro Fire have engaged in fruitful discussions and extensive analysis looking into the feasibility of a merger. Our boards and district personnel still believe in the potential of a merger that could benefit both fire districts. However, recent legislation and impending ballot measures that reduce property tax revenue, along with other economic uncertainties, have caused some concern in how these changes have and will affect our organizations. In addition to legislative impacts on our funding, if our fire districts proceeded with a merger, we would sustain a significant loss in tax revenue resulting from one fire district lowering its mill levy to match the other fire district’s mill levy. Furthermore, the merger comes as our fire districts are going through a transition of several senior leadership positions. Due to these key factors, we feel this is not the best time to move forward in this process.

It’s important to note that Adams County Fire Rescue and North Metro Fire have a strong history of working together, and this evaluation process further strengthened our relationship and mutual respect. Looking ahead, we will continue to operate and train together with a shared mission to deliver the best in emergency care to the community. We are excited to continue our work as partners in the North Area, seeking further opportunities to foster synergies between the two organizations, while improving emergency service and special team response across our region, sharing resources and servicing both fire districts through a combined Fleet Division.

Once our economic future becomes clearer and new leaders for each organization have an opportunity to shape our paths forward, we may find it advantageous to readdress a merger and realize the benefits that come with operating as a larger fire department. For now, we will conclude the merger evaluation as valued and respected partners and are grateful for the community’s support as we went through this exploratory process.”

Department Merger

On January 16, the Adams County Fire Protection District and North Metro Fire Rescue District held a joint board meeting at North Metro Fire’s Headquarters.  At the meeting, both boards agreed to explore a potential merger of the two fire districts. In the months ahead, the boards and district staff will conduct an in-depth evaluation of each agency. This will include a comparative analysis of financials, staffing, operations and future plans of each agency if they were to continue operating independently and if they were to operate as one department. The next discussion in this exploratory process will take place at a joint board meeting in early spring (date is still to be determined).

Two fire trucks facing each other-says Community update

Why are we exploring a merger? 

We believe combining fire districts would allow us to unite resources in a cost-effective manner to improve services in both communities. Adams County Fire and North Metro Fire already train together, operate on scene together, and collaborate together with other north area fire departments. A merger provides an opportunity to reduce redundancies, capitalize on strengths, improve financial efficiency, and ultimately better serve our communities.

We are only in the initial stages of evaluating and discussing a potential merger between the two fire districts—a process that will occur over the course of several months. Being transparent and maintaining your trust is always important to us. Community input plays a valuable role in our boards’ decision-making process, and we will keep you apprised of ways you can stay informed and provide feedback as we move forward.

Regardless of where this process leads, our commitment to you remains the same. We will continue to provide excellent service to our community, doing all we can to save lives and property, reduce the risk of future emergencies, protect our first responders, and serve as good stewards of your trust in us.

2023 Year In Review

As we end the first week of 2024, it’s a perfect time to take a look back at the highlights of the past year. These numbers are approximate, but as you can see, we are a busy department, and get busier every year. We love what we do…and we are excited to see what 2024 brings!

Three paramedics in mack of medic unit-Text Medical calls- 6,676

Go Behind the Scenes with Helmet Cam!

One of the unique aspects of our district is the amount of highway miles our crews cover, so it’s not rare for them to see a vehicle fire. In the latest helmet cam feature, our crews ran on multiple car fires, and in their off time mixed in vertical ventilation training as well as black out training at Station 11. (This training is to simulate zero visibility conditions within a structure.)

Firefighter holding hose and extinguishing car fire

ACFR Firefighters receive awards for river rescue

Recently Firefighters Mike Reader, Brandon Donner, and Adam Turner each received a Meritorious Award for their heroic efforts in helping save two women whose kayak had overturned in the Dolores River. It’s definitely a case of being in the right place at the exact right time!

The crew from Brush Truck 11 was on a Wildland deployment on July 4th, and was assigned to watch out for potential fires in the area. They were driving on a road when they came upon a bystander who waved them down. Two local women had been kayaking in the river and had tipped over when their kayak was snagged on the side of an island. While both women were pulled under the water, they eventually made their way to holding onto a tree branch to stay afloat. Along with the help of a local rancher, our crew helped pull the women to safety. It was a true team effort as Colorado State Patrol and the local Sheriff’s Office were part of the rescue as well. 

While the two women are still sore and have a few bumps and bruises, they cannot be thankful enough for the efforts of everyone involved. 

The Meritorious Award is given to District personnel who as a crew display extraordinary courage and professionalism while on an emergency incident. And that’s exactly what the crew from Brush Truck 11 did on July 4th!

*Included are pictures of the two women who our crew helped save.

  • Two women smiling
  • Firefighter receiving medal from Fire Chief
  • Firefighter receiving medal from Fire Chief
  • Firefighter receiving medal from Fire Chief
  • Five firefighters in front of red truck-three with medals

Ice Rescue at Baker Reservoir

Our crews were recently called to an ice rescue call at Baker Reservoir involving a dog. A 155-pound Saint Bernard named Mumford had gone out onto the ice and fallen into the water. One of Engine 12’s crew members went out onto the ice and pulled Mumford out of the water and brought him safely back to shore to his owner.

Mumford’s owner did the exact right thing by calling 911, staying on the shore, and giving the dispatcher their exact location.   Because of those actions, this was a happy ending to a scary situation.

Please remember these tips to stay safe when it comes to ice:

  • Obey warning signs such as “Danger. Thin ice. Keep off.”
  • Assume ice is unsafe.  With temperatures going from 60 degrees one day to freezing the next, the ice can be extremely unstable.
  • Keep dogs on a leash around bodies of water.  If they happen to get out onto the ice, never go out onto the ice to try and rescue them.
  • Call 911 if a person or animal needs help on the ice. Be aware of your surroundings so you can give the dispatcher an accurate location to find you.
  • dog being pet by four people
  • Dog and four people next to red firetruck
  • close up of St.Bernard dog
  • Three firefighters, dog owner, and dog in front of a lake
  • Dog, its owner, and three firefighters in front of a lake

Annual Ice Rescue Training

All of our crews have completed our annual ice rescue training just off of 64th and Pecos. This year’s scenario involved a dog going out on the ice, his owner following the dog on the ice, and then falling in. While our firefighters are highly trained in this area, the takeaway is never to go out on the ice. Call 911 immediately and let trained personnel take care of the rescue!

What it’s like to work at ACFR

We recently created a recruitment video for prospective members to learn about our department, however, we also wanted to introduce to our citizens the men and women who work hard to serve their community. Take a look!

Firefighter on ladder in front of fire

Cooking w/ ACFR

Our “Cooking with ACFR” series continues as we stop by Station 13 and check in with the B shift crew. While we have some amazing cooks here at ACFR, Firefighter Ben Ramos and his crew explain its not just about the meal, it’s also about “crew-nity.” What in the heck is crew-nity? You’ll have to watch to find out…

Three firefighters in kitchen
ACFR firefighter at a community event holding a firehose with a young child


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