Welcome to the inaugural episode of The Fire Life-A Podcast by Adams County Fire Rescue.  Our goal is to share the unique stories of the men and women of ACFR, and their path to the fire service and our organization.  There’s so much more to being a firefighter at ACFR than just fighting fires.  We take you behind the scenes to show you everything we do on a daily basis, and why this job is unlike any other job out there. In this episode, Fire Medic Jason Bierwirth co-hosts, and we hear from Fire Chief Stuart Sunderland about his path to becoming Chief at ACFR, and what life used to be like 30 years ago as a firefighter.  Then we hear from Engineer Carie Porter, and her story of going from a gymnastics coach to a firefighter.   Carie shares all of the duties of what it takes to be an Engineer, and as the person driving a huge fire truck, why it’s so important to pull to the right when you see a fire truck/engine/medic behind you.   For more information on ACFR, just go to our website acfpd.org, or follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and NextDoor.