Four firefighters in front of a burnt garage

About Adams County Fire Rescue

Adams County Fire Rescue is dedicated to providing quality, timely, and professional emergency services to those who live in, work in, and drive through our district. ACFR is truly committed to our citizens and our community’s service needs.

What We Do at ACFR

Fire Protection | Investigations | EMS | Tech Rescue | Hazmat

Fire Fighters extinguishing structure fire

Fire Protection

ACFR personnel are all required to have a minimum certification of Firefighter 1, EMT-B, and HAZMAT OPS. ACFR has 4 Engines, 4 Medic units, 2 Ladder Trucks, 1 Heavy Rescue, 2 Attacks (Brush truck), 1 SAM vehicle and 1 Command Vehicle.

Our district has numerous highways as well as a mixture of residential, commercial, and agriculture. What this means is that we have a potential of very serious calls at any time which we are prepared to handle. Our fire training is an everyday occurrence that helps the firefighters of Adams County be prepared for anything such as Fire Suppression, Search and Rescue, and Hazardous Materials, just to name a few.

Two ACFR firefighters look on during a training exercise

Fire Investigations

The Fire Investigation team is responsible for determining the Origin and Cause of all unknown and/or suspicious fires and explosions occurring within fire district as well as determining an approximate dollar amount from fire loss.

The investigation team is comprised of two investigators per shift and is overseen by an investigation supervisor, for a total of seven investigators. The Fire investigators range in experience from “in training” to certified and have successfully completed or are in the process of completing the certification process with National Association of Fire Investigators or International Association of Arson Investigators.

During the course of an investigation, the scene will be photographed and documented, evidence may be collected, witnesses/victims interviewed and suspects possibly interrogated with assistance from the Adams County Sheriffs Office. Other applications of the data gathered during a fire investigation may include, additional critical and perhaps previously unrecognized information pertaining to the fire or explosion may be discovered.

They also provide additional information required by both the insurance company and the insured to help mitigate insurance claims, and provide input regarding insurance-loss adjustment. They make investigation information available to help improve inspections and public education programs.

​This is a process filled with scientific, professional, and personal challenges unmatched in other fields of forensic science. Understanding fire Origin and Cause is vital to the safety of the community and fire personnel. They also ensure that preventive measures are taken to ensure that future fires can be mitigated safely and effeciantly.

Firefighter carrying young girl

Emergency Medical Services

Emergency Medical Services (EMS) are a critical function of Adams County Fire Rescue; over 80% of all 911 calls are medical related. ACFR provides emergency response with cross-trained Firefighter/Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs) and Firefighter/Paramedics.

​ACFR utilizes four Advanced Life Support (ALS) ambulances to respond to 911 calls within our district. The ALS ambulances are staffed at a minimum with a FF/EMTB and a FF/Paramedic trained to provide superior care during the transport of patients to the most appropriate medical facility.

An outside third-party vendor provides billing services for ambulance patient transport charges. if you have a question about ambulance transport billing, please call  Apex at (720) 486-0573.

Two firefighters climbing electric pole

Technical Rescue

Adams County Fire Rescue is prepared to mitigate all types of rescue situations. Technical Rescue is a specialized aspect of what we can face in the fire service. ACFR has many target areas that have required us to become versatile in many technical rescue procedures. We have that team that is highly trained to cover those technical rescue operations.

ACFR has the equipment necessary to mitigate these technical rescue emergencies and the trained individuals who are able to cover; Confined Space Rescue, Rope Rescue, Trench Rescue, Structural Collapse, Swift Water Rescue, Ice Rescue, and Heavy Vehicle Extrication and Stabilization.

Each Tech Rescue Team member undergoes a State recognized Tech Rescue Academy that covers all aspects. Additional training is required through Dive Rescue International for water operations. All members are requested to do mandatory trainings that include neighboring fire departments to keep up with equipment, techniques and organization layouts. ACFR is one of nine departments in the north metro area that makeup the NATRT (North Area Technical Rescue Team). The NATRT is recognized as a Type III team by USAR under State Emergency Operations Center for its capabilities to assist in any national disaster. Recent deployments of the team have proven our dedication in providing the citizens within our respected areas the best possible service in Technical Rescue.

ACFR Hazmat truck outside of Station 12

Hazardous Materials Response

The needs and expectations of hazardous materials teams have grown exponentially in today’s society. The Adams and Jefferson County Hazardous Response Authority, established in October of 1997, has been very successful in obtaining modern equipment that would have otherwise been cost prohibitive through the federal homeland security grant programs. This equipment is very technologically advanced and subsequently expensive to use and maintain. It is extremely cost effective for this type of equipment to be used on a regional basis. It is for this very reason, that the AJCHRA has been successful in the grant process.

The Federal Government provides this equipment to local government under the condition that the end users will maintain and sustain that equipment. This type of equipment was not available to hazmat teams during the development of the AJCHRA. At the time of the IGA no provisions were made for the increased cost of such expensive and high tech equipment. The AJCHRA is proud of the estimated $1.2 million dollars worth of assets that have been acquired through the grant process. This equipment is a much-needed addition to the AJCHRA to ensure the safety of team members and citizens of Adams, Jefferson and Broomfield Counties.