Ambulance Membership at Adams County Fire Rescue

The Ambulance Membership is a program designed to help our citizens with the expenses incurred above and beyond what medical insurance will pay for ambulance services. The program is only available to district residents, who must be covered by medical insurance or Medicare/Medicaid. The program pools membership fees that are used to pay Emergency Medical Service charges that are not covered by insurance or Medicare/Medicaid. The programs will only pay the portion of the bills(s) for Emergency Medical Services after your insurance has made payment. This is a self funded program and all the money collected is used for members only (the funds may not be dispersed for other uses).

In 2017, we had a total of 125 members which generated a total of $3,670 for the fund. Fifteen members were in need of ambulance transport and the membership program covered $2,230.13 in member benefits. We urge members of the program to encourage other citizens to participate in this program so we can continue to offer this benefit in future years.

To learn more about the program and to enroll, please click here and return the form to:
Adams County Fire Rescue Headquarters
8055 Washington St.
Denver, CO. 80229

Please bring identification, proof of insurance, proof of residence and these Terms of Agreement.