Community Events

If you would like ACFR to attend your community event, please fill out the following form. Please note because of time contraints and schedules, we cannot guarantee we can attend every event.

CPR Classes

ACFR offers CPR classes to our community members, schools, day care, and local businesses. If you are interested in signing up for a class, please fill out the following form below.

Extinguisher Training

Adams County Fire Rescue offers a free, hands-on fire extinguisher training to public groups and businesses within the district. We have two extinguisher props; both use propane as the fuel and are portable. This allows us to bring the training to you. Our first prop uses fire extinguishers to extinguish the fire. You can use your own fire extinguishers for this training or we can provide some extinguishers, if we have a supply. Our second extinguisher prop uses pressurized water as the extinguishing agent. This hybrid extinguisher does not leave any extinguisher powder that needs to be cleaned up after the training has been completed. If you are interested in scheduling this training, please contact the ACFR Prevention Bureau at 303-539-6862.

ACFR Car Seat Installations

Child Car Seat Safety Program

Adams County Fire Rescue has a Child Passenger Safety Program for its citizens. It consists of certified Child Passenger Safety Technicians who are on duty everyday. The Technicians will educate the child’s responsible party on best fit and best practice of their child car seat. They will also check an up-to-date database for recalls on child car seats. Our goal is to educate the child’s parents or caregiver on proper child passenger safety and give them the knowledge to correctly secure their child in a vehicle. If you live in the ACFR area and would like to schedule an installation and inspection, please fill out the form below. A Car Seat Technician will respond.

If you need a inspection or installation the same day, please call 720-826-2678. Please keep in mind our techs are full-time firefighters and may not be able to do this the same day. We will do our best to try and accommodate your needs.

​If you live outside our District, please call your corresponding department by clicking below.

An ACFR employee reads a book to a class of children

Public Education

Adams County Fire Rescue is an active member of the local schools and the community at large. Every year, ACFR participates in school Fire Prevention Week, Red Ribbon Week, Literacy Days, Career Fairs, Science Fairs and other various educational events. The District also participates in community outreach events like health fairs, assemblies, church bazaars and PTA meetings to get valuable safety and health messages out to the community.

Juvenille Firesetters

ACFR provides safety information to the public through school events, community outreaches and tours of stations and apparatus. We also participate in Law Enforcement National Night Out gatherings, as well as church, clubs and neighborhood groups. We also provide fire extinguisher classes for businesses. The Juvenile Fire Setter program partners schools, law enforcement and families in the ACFR area. The program focuses on the children to educate them on the dangers of fire setting or playing with fire. We can help provide additional resources to the family, if needed.

For information on any one of the programs, please call 303-539-6862 Monday through Friday between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m.