Two firefighters conducting roof training

Training at ACFR

We take great pride in our training program here at ACFR. We are constantly training on multiple skills. The Adams County Fire Rescue Training Division is constantly evolving to meet the training and educational needs of the department personnel, focusing on safety during exercise and emergency response. We also work in conjunction with our auto/mutual aid partners and other community groups.

Our crews train every day. Whether it’s a company level, shift level, or Training Division directed trainings, we are developing our skills on a regular basis. The ACFR training center is located at 901 East 68th Ave.

Some examples of the exercises we perform at the facility are live fire training, ladder training, hose deployment training, VEIS, PPA, Special Operations, Search/Rescue and forcible entry training. Examples of in station training include SCBA, RIC Bag Ops, Tech Rescue, Blue Card Sims, and most company level training.